Temple_history_pic3The temple has become very old and many parts of the structures are showing wear and tear due to ageing and due to lack of proper maintenance. In the present condition it is not advisable to do small maintenance jobs as per expert opinion. The sanctum sanctorum (Sree kovil) does not have much damage and minor restoration jobs only will be required. The remaining areas will have to undergo a major renovation.  As per the advice of experts and discussions within the committee, it was decided to go ahead with a major renovation. The renovation will not alter the architecture of the temple and its present dimensions will be maintained. No added fanfare or extra gopuram or the like are planned. The following activities are planned to be done as the part of the renovation programme.

  • Reconstruction of Chuttambalam, valiambalam and thidappally including replacement of all the doors.
  • Provide suitable flooring on the area around Sreekovil within chuttambalam
  • Laying of a pathway around the temple outside chuttambalam in the pradakshina vazhi.
  • Renovation of the abode of upa-devathas.
  • Cleaning of temple pond and carrying out required restoration work
  • Construction/ strengthening of compound wall and providing suitable gates.
  • Plastering and strengthening Sreekovil.
  • Beautification of surroundings.
  • Any other jobs which will be required for the completion of renovation work.


A large sum will be required to complete all of the above jobs The committee is planning to approach devotees of Sree Parthasarathy to fulfil the above dream. A fund collection drive is launched and contributions can be made electronically or otherwise to the bank account provided below. The office bearers of the committee can be contacted at the addresses/ phone numbers/ email ID provided for any assistance of any kind.


Managing Committee