Temple history

Temple_history_pic1While¬†searching for the history of the temple, we will have to travel back to about 400 years and cannot be separated from the history of the Edappally Royal Family or “Elangallor Swaroopam”. During that period, the area, now we call Kerala was consisting of different small princely states, ruled by different royal families. All of them were “kshatriya families” except Parvur and Edappally, which were ruled by Brahmins and these rulers were known as ‘Raja’. Edappally family is still using that status with their names. Edappilly Rajas were very prosperous and were kind rulers. The present generation of “elangallor Swaroopam” also are maintaining their tradition. Till the very recent past, they were maintaining more than 50¬†temples, not only in and around Edappilly, but also, at distant places like Chennithala, Wayanad etc.

Thrikkannapuram Partha Sarathy Temple was the “Poykkaryam ” temple of the Swaroopam and was built during ME 800(AD 1620). Some minor modifications or revamp might have taken place later, but, no records or information were tracable in this effect. Pokykaryam means a property, which is owned, ruled and looked after by the “Thampurattys” of the family. That is why this temple was close to the heart of the Rajas. The appointment of the priests, finding revenue for the day to day temple affairs and festivals etc were done by Her Lordships with the help of other ladies and from assets provided for temple upkeep fund. The small excerpts on the history of the temple were collected from the memory of the people, who are alive and from stories transferred by grandmas. The present Honourable “Valiyaraja” Adv. Sankara Raja has helped a lot in joining these small bits.

Elder generation of Edapplly remember the days when festivals(Chirappu mahotsavam-Temple flag was hoisted on arrackanut tree Dhwajas as there was no “Kodimaram”in the temple) were celebrated with all prosperity and pompous. The ParthaSarathy Temple Festival was coinciding with “Thrikkovil” temple (Near Edappilly Changampuzha Park) and group procession with up to 7 elephants standing side by side on the road on the East side of the temple. Presently the width of the road is reduced due to encroachments etc.

Temple_history_pic2The relation with the renowned “Edappally Ganapathy Temple” cannot be left unmentioned. As Ganapathy Temple is attached to the Edappilly Palace, during times of “Asuddhis ” in the family, day- to -day chores and pujas cannot be performed to Sree Ganapathy at the temple. During such periods Sree Ganapathy is shifted with all its “chaithanya” to the dedicated location on the North side of the Sree kovil at Parthasarathy Temple. All pujas and sacred chores to Sree Ganapathy is performed here and devotees do the Darsan of Ganapathy here.

Sree (Kallooppara) Bhagavathy and Sree Ayyappan shower blessings on devotees here as Upa-Devathas. Brahma Rakshass also is having an abode here within the “Chuttumathil”. All these dieties were brought from other places or temples owned by Elangallor Swaroopam from time to time. Required pujas and rituals are being done to these Devathas also making the entire temple premises radiating a positive energy to the devotees.

The temple was entrusted to Edappilly Kshatriya Kshema Samithy on 25th August 1997 by the Elangalloor Swaroopam Valia Thampuratty and the temple is continuing to be the Grama Devatha of the people in Edappilly area. A new Bhajanamandiram was constructed adjacent to the temple by the Samithy. Renovation of the Temple “Poomukham” also was carried out